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What is Superior, the Rifled or Smoothbored Barrel

A hot point of discussion in the many debates on which current main battle tank is superior, is whether it uses a rifled or smoothbore barrel. What are the differences? What advantages or disadvantages do these different approaches offer? The earliest cannons actually used smoothbore barrels, dating to around the 13th century. Essentially being a […]

What is The Bulge in Modern Tank Barrels – Here is the Answer

Tanks are designed to carry offensive firepower on a highly mobile platform while keeping the personnel within protected from the environment, the elements and most importantly, the enemy. To complete those tasks, a tank has many complex systems and components. The functions of which are not easily understood by simply looking at them. A frequently […]

Cromwell v Challenger 2

British engineers had led the way in tank design in World War One, and have consistently built top class tanks. They brought the world the Centurion in the late 1940s, followed by the Chieftain in the 1960s and then the Challenger 1 in the 70s, In the 1930s, British tank doctrine was for cruiser class […]