Incredible – World War II Guns, Tanks and More Relics Found In Iraq (Watch)

Imagine yourself as a modern soldier in Iraq, armed with the latest weapons, night vision, thermal optics, backed by jets, helicopters and main battle tanks, when you come up against an enemy operating the same weapons your grandfathers faced in the Second World War.

This is a real life situation witnessed by soldiers who served in this region of the world. They fought an enemy using scores of vintage WWII guns – Lugers, Garands, Mausers, PPSH-41s, Browning .30 cal to name a few.

This video shows some of these now relics of the past being used well beyond their intended means, including tanks, firearms and cannons from a by-gone era. You will see an amazing collection of Allied armor, M4 Shermans, Churchills, M24 Chaffees, M36 Jacksons, Crusaders – you name it, they found it in Iraq.

It is a testament to the craftsmanship of those who manufactured these weapons, but let us hope this is the last time they are encountered outside a museum. They have all earned their place in history, now let them stay there.

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