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Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of this website is to provide original news content as well as syndicated content from selected news providers to you. In the case of syndicated content, the objective is to provide a contextual searchable display of partial news content (headlines and snippet descriptions of underlying news stories) which have a functional link to the provider’s website area pertaining to each news item. This website is in many respects similar in operation and service to an Internet search engine, except that it is restricted in displaying only content explicitly published by third party news providers using the RSS publishing mechanism for content syndication. In this aspect, Tank Roar takes a more ethical approach than most other news portal websites which tend to crawl and scrape entire web pages.

The Tank Roar website (the “Website”) acts as a feed aggregator of third party content distributed by RSS feeds published on the Internet. By accessing and using this website you agree to be bound by its Terms of Usage set out below.

All content of this website is protected by copyright — please see the accreditation and copyright information below.

All Website content and functionality is provided “as is”, and the usage of the Website and its contents is entirely at your own risk. All news content is displayed on the Website as published by its publisher and owner, and therefore all news content, its accuracy and timeliness is out of the control of the Website. Tank Roar is not responsible for syndicated news content, and the content of third party website linked to from within the site. You agree to indemnify Tank Roar in respect of any damages, costs and/or charges arising out of any misuse or contravention of these Terms of Usage associated with your access to the Website and any of its content.

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