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When looking at the Carmel, one would never believe that it resembles your average teenager’s bedroom. After all, it has tank tracks, has a body made of thick steel plates, some painted khaki, and some painted black and on top is a serious antenna and sensor array. The resemblance to a teenagers’ bedroom becomes apparent […]

The Tank Museum’s oldest running vehicle, the Rolls Royce Armoured Car, turns 100 this week. The Rolls Royce Armoured Car, which has been used to transport H.M. The Queen, was built in 1920 and is driven regularly to this day. It was armoured at Woolwich Arsenal, London, in October 1920 and handed to the War […]

Ready to spend some money NECESSARY military surplus This auction of military surplus will include a 1953 M-62 5 ton 6×6 Wrecker Truck w/ 45K LB. Austin-Western Hoist, 1971 M-561 “Gama Goat” 1 1/2 ton 6×6 Semi-Amphibious off road vehicle, 1952 XM-211 “the Cadillac Deuce” 2 1/2 ton truck w/ auto trans.       […]

The Tank Museum has successfully hosted an increased audience for another “COVID secure” Tiger Day, 18-19 September 2020.  Rosanna Dean, Events Manager, “With the lessons we learned from the re-opening of the Museum and last year’s Tiger event, we were able to be more ambitious with this event. The Tank Museum was closed for three […]

The iconic Sherman tank was a mainstay for the Allies in World War II and beyond. Early in the war, the tanks gained the nicknames “Burning Grave” and “Tommy Cooker” for their propensity to catch fire after a direct hit. The problem was determined to be the ammo storage. Switching from “dry” to “wet” ammunition […]

The government of Australia has taken the next step toward obtaining 30 self-propelled howitzers for the Protected Mobile Fires project. The government issued a statement announcing the request for tender that will be released to preferred supplier Hanwha Defense Australia. The company will be tasked with building 30 self-propelled howitzers and 15 armored ammunition resupply […]

US troops arrived in Dorset in the summer of 1943 from Africa and Sicily and basically took over the county. They spent almost a year training for the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. Weymouth and neighboring Portland were major embarkation points for US troops during D-Day, particularly the ‘Big […]

The loved and revered M1A1 Abrams tanks used by the 2nd Tank Battalion based at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina left the base in March. The tanks will not return as the Marine Corps undertakes a sweeping modernization plan that sees the Marines as a more agile force. This sees Marine tank units from across the […]

The Soldier On! Charity is offering six people on the Isle of Wight the opportunity to help restore a Cold War-era Conqueror tank. The tank is housed at The Wight Military and Heritage Museum in Cowes. Soldier On! Has over a dozen years of experience in assisting vulnerable, socially-isolated or disadvantaged people improve their well-being […]

A source within the British government has stated that the government is aware that bold choices need  to be made when determining how to ration funds to pay for security and defense initiatives. One possible strategy being proposed is to end the use of armored tanks in order to divert funding to other priorities. The […]

The US Army has deployed the new Abrams Reactive Armor Tiles (ARAT) to its Abrams main battle tanks in Europe. The US Army Europe announced the deployment by tweeting images of their tanks fitted with the both the Trophy active system and the ARAT system installed. The deployment is intended to allow the Army’s logistics […]

During training exercises at the Fort Bliss training grounds in Texas, a US Army M1A2 Abrams main battle tank accidentally fired at another tank. The incident occurred on July 20, 2020.  The tanks were undergoing training firing at moving targets when the tank hit another from its own cavalry regiment. The the tank that was […]