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Before the Cold War, the Second World War saw tank designs rapidly improve between 1939 and 1945, as all sides had heavily integrated tanks into their forces. This pace of development didn’t stop in 1945 however, as after Germany’s defeat, the Soviet Union became the bigger threat to the West; a period of fragile peace […]

On the 18th January 1945, German forces were retreating westward with the 1st Belorussian Front hot on their heals. Part of this retreat was two tank destroyers, StuG IVs to be precise, trundling in the direction of Kolo. One of the pair broke down, and was sabotaged by its crew before fleeing. The remaining Stug […]

The M24 Chaffee light tank was named after the U.S Army General Adna R. Chaffee Jr, who is considered to be the father of the US armored force, for helping push the use of tanks in combat. The M24 Chaffee arrived fairly late in World War II, but continued on afterwards fighting in the Algerian […]

It is often assumed in combat tanks are the primary counter to tanks, however during World War II it was in fact humble anti-tank guns that did most of the work knocking out German armor on the Eastern Front. Anti-tank guns are pieces of equipment designed to destroy enemy tanks by direct fire. In general, […]

The German Panzerkampfwagen V Panther was born out of the shock experienced by German forces after encountering the Soviet T-34 medium tank and KV-1 heavy tank. Assuming, rather arrogantly, that Soviet tank design hadn’t progressed further than 1930s technology, just days into Operation Barbarossa (German invasion of the Soviet Union), they realised their mistake. The […]

The Maus spawned from Hitler’s now well known obsessions with large, war winning weapons. On multiple instances Germany tried to create a super heavy tank, but for reasons mainly down to logistics they were never able to do so successfully. The closest they got was with the PzKpfw VIII Maus, a 200 ton beast of […]

The grant, issued by the Department of Culture Media and Sport through Arts Council England, will ensure the world-famous Dorset charity can weather the immediate storm of the pandemic whilst working towards a sustainable future. The Museum will spend the funds enhancing the visitor experience and developing new income streams, which will enhance financial resilience […]

In late 1941 the United States entered the Second World War, and it soon became clear that armored warfare was going to be an integral part of this war. Upon realising this, new tactics were drawn up, and their tank destroyer divisions were adapted to this new style of warfare. The US established its tank […]

The life of the M18 Hellcat began when Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Davis Bruce was looking for a new armored fighting vehicle suitable to form the backbone of his Tank Destroyer Force, as at the time he wasn’t exactly satisfied with the M10 Tank Destroyer. It was too heavy, too slow, too big. Bruce didn’t want […]

The M36 Jackson was built on an older design: the M10 Gun Motor Carriage, itself based on the chassis of the M4 Sherman tank. The United States’ doctrine on combating the powerful heavy German tanks was with speed, manoeuvrability and firepower. In action this was done by safe distance ambushes and hit and run tactics. […]

The thing that scared allied tankers the most during World War Two was the Tiger I. The Tiger had thick armor and an 88 mm gun capable of destroying a Sherman tank from over 3000 metres away. As most Allied tanks needed to be within the hundreds of meters away to have a chance to […]

The M4 Sherman is one of the most famous and significant tanks from World War II, serving in almost every area of action on all fronts. World War I saw the introduction of mechanised warfare, however it was in relatively small amounts and rather primitive in technology. However the Second World War was really the […]