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Risk Taking Gone Wrong – Tank vs Bridge Edition

Tanks are one of the most formidable forces on the battlefield. They are designed to be resistant against small arms fire, powerful anti-tank weapons and other tanks. Without specialist equipment, they are virtually unstoppable. One thing tanks are not immune to however, is mother nature. A tank may be able to shrug a hit off […]

Incredible – World War II Guns, Tanks and More Relics Found In Iraq (Watch)

Imagine yourself as a modern soldier in Iraq, armed with the latest weapons, night vision, thermal optics, backed by jets, helicopters and main battle tanks, when you come up against an enemy operating the same weapons your grandfathers faced in the Second World War. This is a real life situation witnessed by soldiers who served […]

WW2 British Tanks in Over 100 Images

Jesse Beckett

In the interwar period between WWI and WW2, the British had developed their tank doctrine that would be used in future combat. This involved three main classes of tanks: infantry, light and cruiser. Light tanks were small, mobile very thinly armored and armed, and would scout ahead of the main force, locating and identifying enemy […]

The British Universal Carrier – Even Used by the Germans!

Jesse Beckett

The Universal Carrier started out in the 1930s as a development by Vickers-Armstrongs to provide a lightweight, highly mobile tracked vehicle capable of carrying a machine gun or towing a field gun. The design used was based on earlier 1920s tankette designs like the Carden-Loyd Mk VI. Starting production in 1934 as the Universal Carrier, […]

Iconic Rolls Royce Armoured Car turns 100 years old

The Tank Museum’s oldest running vehicle, the Rolls Royce Armoured Car, turns 100 this week. The Rolls Royce Armoured Car, which has been used to transport H.M. The Queen, was built in 1920 and is driven regularly to this day. It was armoured at Woolwich Arsenal, London, in October 1920 and handed to the War […]

Scottish Soldier Single-Handedly Defeated 23,000 German Soldiers

Tommy Macpherson was one of the most feared soldiers in the British army to the point that the Germans put a 300,000 Franc bounty on his head. No one was able to ever collect it though. His military career got off to an ignominious start. After being commissioned in 1939, he was assigned to the […]

Irish Tank Kamikaze Took on a King Tiger & Won

John Gorman joined up in 1942 and became a Lieutenant in the Irish Guards Armoured Division, 2nd Armoured Battalion. Following hot on the heels of the D-Day landings was the Battle of Caen and Gorman’s tank battalion was in it to win it. Caen is a major North Normandy hub, linking Le Havre in the […]

British Army Not Scrapping Tanks Per Defense Secretary

A report by the London Times that the British army is getting rid of all of its tanks has the defense secretary, Ben Wallace, clarifying the military’s position on the armored vehicles. According to the Times, the cost of maintaining the aging tanks was too high and modernization efforts would send them to the scrap […]

The Tank Museum Awarded $1,000,000 as Part of the UK’s Government’s Culture Recovery Fund

The grant, issued by the Department of Culture Media and Sport through Arts Council England, will ensure the world-famous Dorset charity can weather the immediate storm of the pandemic whilst working towards a sustainable future. The Museum will spend the funds enhancing the visitor experience and developing new income streams, which will enhance financial resilience […]

Famous ‘US’ D-Day Embarkation Town, Councillor Wants Parade Vehicles to Cut Emissions

US troops arrived in Dorset in the summer of 1943 from Africa and Sicily and basically took over the county. They spent almost a year training for the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. Weymouth and neighboring Portland were major embarkation points for US troops during D-Day, particularly the ‘Big […]

A Charity Needs Volunteers to Help Restore a Conqueror

Ian Handley-Kershaw

The Soldier On! Charity is offering six people on the Isle of Wight the opportunity to help restore a Cold War-era Conqueror tank. The tank is housed at The Wight Military and Heritage Museum in Cowes. Soldier On! Has over a dozen years of experience in assisting vulnerable, socially-isolated or disadvantaged people improve their well-being […]

Tanks ‘could be scrapped’ in Bizarre Overhaul of UK Armed Forces

A source within the British government has stated that the government is aware that bold choices need  to be made when determining how to ration funds to pay for security and defense initiatives. One possible strategy being proposed is to end the use of armored tanks in order to divert funding to other priorities. The […]