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The Mighty Maus – at 207 Tons it is the Heaviest Tank Ever Built

Jesse Beckett

The Maus spawned from Hitler’s now well known obsessions with large, war winning weapons. On multiple instances Germany tried to create a super heavy tank, but for reasons mainly down to logistics they were never able to do so successfully. The closest they got was with the PzKpfw VIII Maus, a 200 ton beast of […]

Discovery of Panther Tank Parts from the ‘Ghost Division’ on the Eastern Front

The remains of a WWII Panther tank have been uncovered in Chrostkowo, Poland, by local history enthusiasts who are keen to put all of their finds of tank parts together in a museum, permission pending. The trail that led the group to the tank started with the discovery of a piece of tank track. It […]

The Tank Museum Awarded $1,000,000 as Part of the UK’s Government’s Culture Recovery Fund

The grant, issued by the Department of Culture Media and Sport through Arts Council England, will ensure the world-famous Dorset charity can weather the immediate storm of the pandemic whilst working towards a sustainable future. The Museum will spend the funds enhancing the visitor experience and developing new income streams, which will enhance financial resilience […]

Another Successful Tiger Day

The Tank Museum has successfully hosted an increased audience for another “COVID secure” Tiger Day, 18-19 September 2020.  Rosanna Dean, Events Manager, “With the lessons we learned from the re-opening of the Museum and last year’s Tiger event, we were able to be more ambitious with this event. The Tank Museum was closed for three […]

28 Images of Tiger 1 Wrecks

Jesse Beckett

The thing that scared allied tankers the most during World War Two was the Tiger I. The Tiger had thick armor and an 88 mm gun capable of destroying a Sherman tank from over 3000 metres away. As most Allied tanks needed to be within the hundreds of meters away to have a chance to […]

The Sherman 75mm v Tiger 1 88mm

Two of the most discussed large calibre guns from World War Two are the Sherman tank’s 75 mm M3 gun, and the Tiger 1’s 88 mm KwK 36. Stories are told about how Shermans rounds would simply bounce off Tigers, while the Tiger could knock out columns of tanks in a matter of minutes. But […]

Tiger v Leopard

In 1940 and ‘41 German forces were struggling against tanks like the KV-1, T-34 and Matilda II. At this stage of the war, many German anti-tank guns simply couldn’t harm these vehicles, while tanks like the Panzer III and IV had insufficient armour to protect against them. The Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger was the answer to […]

What is The Bulge in Modern Tank Barrels – Here is the Answer

Tanks are designed to carry offensive firepower on a highly mobile platform while keeping the personnel within protected from the environment, the elements and most importantly, the enemy. To complete those tasks, a tank has many complex systems and components. The functions of which are not easily understood by simply looking at them. A frequently […]