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Risk Taking Gone Wrong – Tank vs Bridge Edition

Tanks are one of the most formidable forces on the battlefield. They are designed to be resistant against small arms fire, powerful anti-tank weapons and other tanks. Without specialist equipment, they are virtually unstoppable. One thing tanks are not immune to however, is mother nature. A tank may be able to shrug a hit off […]

Incredible – World War II Guns, Tanks and More Relics Found In Iraq (Watch)

Imagine yourself as a modern soldier in Iraq, armed with the latest weapons, night vision, thermal optics, backed by jets, helicopters and main battle tanks, when you come up against an enemy operating the same weapons your grandfathers faced in the Second World War. This is a real life situation witnessed by soldiers who served […]

Heavy Tank T29 – The US’s Intended Answer to the King Tiger

Jesse Beckett

In regards to tank design, all countries involved in WWII learnt some brutal lessons, but none more so than those facing the Germans. Monstrous vehicles like the Tiger, King Tiger and Jagdtiger were virtually immune frontally to Allied tank weapons at the time, while simultaneously being able to destroy them from great distances. The appearance […]

4 American Cold War Tanks – Part 2

Jesse Beckett

Part 1 explored the US tanks used in the early stages of the Cold War, during the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. Most of these vehicles were improved WWII designs, and weren’t exactly ideal for this new age of combat. Part 2 covers vehicles designed and built from the ground up in the […]

4 American Cold War Tanks – Part 1

Jesse Beckett

Before the Cold War, the Second World War saw tank designs rapidly improve between 1939 and 1945, as all sides had heavily integrated tanks into their forces. This pace of development didn’t stop in 1945 however, as after Germany’s defeat, the Soviet Union became the bigger threat to the West; a period of fragile peace […]

The M24 Chaffee – Cute but Deadly

Jesse Beckett

The M24 Chaffee light tank was named after the U.S Army General Adna R. Chaffee Jr, who is considered to be the father of the US armored force, for helping push the use of tanks in combat. The M24 Chaffee arrived fairly late in World War II, but continued on afterwards fighting in the Algerian […]

U.S. Army May Replace M2 Bradley: 21st Century Tech A Part Of New Vehicles

There is irony in the fact that countries around the world spend sizable fortunes on something they hope to never need or use: military equipment that is state of the art. America, for example, ensures its army is equipped with the very best array of fighting gear, and yet the aim of every politician and […]

Carmel Armored vehicle is More Than an Xbox on Tracks

When looking at the Carmel, one would never believe that it resembles your average teenager’s bedroom. After all, it has tank tracks, has a body made of thick steel plates, some painted khaki, and some painted black and on top is a serious antenna and sensor array. The resemblance to a teenagers’ bedroom becomes apparent […]

US Army to Test Two New Light Tank Designs

The US Army has identified that there is a gap in its ground combat vehicle strategy. In a study conducted in 2015, they determined that there was a need for a mobile protected firepower (MPF) light tank. Such a vehicle would allow infantry brigade combat teams to neutralize impediments such as machine gun nests or […]

The Mighty B Company “Black Panthers”of World War II

Some of the fiercest fighters in the US Army’s 761st Tank Battalion “Black Panthers” were in the B Company. The first all-black segregated tank company earned the respect of their peers even though prior to the war, the Army brass felt that African-Americans weren’t qualified to participate in mechanized warfare. After completing their training, Life […]

Irish Tank Kamikaze Took on a King Tiger & Won

John Gorman joined up in 1942 and became a Lieutenant in the Irish Guards Armoured Division, 2nd Armoured Battalion. Following hot on the heels of the D-Day landings was the Battle of Caen and Gorman’s tank battalion was in it to win it. Caen is a major North Normandy hub, linking Le Havre in the […]

US Army Robots Able to Maneuver and Find Targets Using AI

Recent tests with army robots at the US Army’s Yuma Proving Ground have military officials excited about the potential in their Aided Target Recognition (ATR) technology currently under development. Current military robots are remote-controlled, they are not able to analyze information and make decisions on their own. This is known as teleoperation. The operator of […]