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The US Army Gun Trucks in the Vietnam War

Gun trucks were born out of necessity due to the US’s situation during the war. By 1967, the US military was spread throughout the central highlands of Vietnam. A key factor for the US was how to provide supplies and ammunition to all the troops spread throughout the region. Helicopters and C-130 Hercules cargo planes […]

The Armored Cars America Provided for the Allies in WWII

The USA, in spite of joining World War II later than the other Allies still supplied an impressive amount of weapons, ammunition and vehicles to the Allied countries fighting against the Nazi occupation. With the automotive industry beginning to take off in the US, it should come as no surprise that they would find a […]

The Tank Museum Awarded $1,000,000 as Part of the UK’s Government’s Culture Recovery Fund

The grant, issued by the Department of Culture Media and Sport through Arts Council England, will ensure the world-famous Dorset charity can weather the immediate storm of the pandemic whilst working towards a sustainable future. The Museum will spend the funds enhancing the visitor experience and developing new income streams, which will enhance financial resilience […]

Meet the M4 Sherman – The Best Tank of WW2?

The M4 Sherman medium tank might just be the most iconic US tank of all time. The Sherman pulled off the nifty trick of being cheap and easy to manufacture while also being reliable and effective in combat. It was the US military’s most produced tank of World War II. It wasn’t just the Americans […]

The Effective M10 Tank Destroyer in 34 Brilliant Images

Jesse Beckett

In late 1941 the United States entered the Second World War, and it soon became clear that armored warfare was going to be an integral part of this war. Upon realising this, new tactics were drawn up, and their tank destroyer divisions were adapted to this new style of warfare. The US established its tank […]

24 images of the highly successful M18 Hellcat tank destroyer

Jesse Beckett

The life of the M18 Hellcat began when Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Davis Bruce was looking for a new armored fighting vehicle suitable to form the backbone of his Tank Destroyer Force, as at the time he wasn’t exactly satisfied with the M10 Tank Destroyer. It was too heavy, too slow, too big. Bruce didn’t want […]

The Powerful M36 Jackson in 33 Images

Jesse Beckett

The M36 Jackson was built on an older design: the M10 Gun Motor Carriage, itself based on the chassis of the M4 Sherman tank. The United States’ doctrine on combating the powerful heavy German tanks was with speed, manoeuvrability and firepower. In action this was done by safe distance ambushes and hit and run tactics. […]

Auction of Military Surplus Includes a Halftrack, M20, 6 Willys Jeeps in All Conditions

Ready to spend some money NECESSARY military surplus This auction of military surplus will include a 1953 M-62 5 ton 6×6 Wrecker Truck w/ 45K LB. Austin-Western Hoist, 1971 M-561 “Gama Goat” 1 1/2 ton 6×6 Semi-Amphibious off road vehicle, 1952 XM-211 “the Cadillac Deuce” 2 1/2 ton truck w/ auto trans.       […]

40+ Images of Knocked out M4 Sherman Tanks

Jesse Beckett

The M4 Sherman is one of the most famous and significant tanks from World War II, serving in almost every area of action on all fronts. World War I saw the introduction of mechanised warfare, however it was in relatively small amounts and rather primitive in technology. However the Second World War was really the […]

The Mighty M-4 Sherman Tank – WWII Workhorse

Ian Handley-Kershaw

The iconic Sherman tank was a mainstay for the Allies in World War II and beyond. Early in the war, the tanks gained the nicknames “Burning Grave” and “Tommy Cooker” for their propensity to catch fire after a direct hit. The problem was determined to be the ammo storage. Switching from “dry” to “wet” ammunition […]

Australia Moves Closer to Purchasing Self-Propelled Howitzers

The government of Australia has taken the next step toward obtaining 30 self-propelled howitzers for the Protected Mobile Fires project. The government issued a statement announcing the request for tender that will be released to preferred supplier Hanwha Defense Australia. The company will be tasked with building 30 self-propelled howitzers and 15 armored ammunition resupply […]

Famous ‘US’ D-Day Embarkation Town, Councillor Wants Parade Vehicles to Cut Emissions

US troops arrived in Dorset in the summer of 1943 from Africa and Sicily and basically took over the county. They spent almost a year training for the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. Weymouth and neighboring Portland were major embarkation points for US troops during D-Day, particularly the ‘Big […]