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Risk Taking Gone Wrong – Tank vs Bridge Edition

Tanks are one of the most formidable forces on the battlefield. They are designed to be resistant against small arms fire, powerful anti-tank weapons and other tanks. Without specialist equipment, they are virtually unstoppable. One thing tanks are not immune to however, is mother nature. A tank may be able to shrug a hit off […]

Incredible – World War II Guns, Tanks and More Relics Found In Iraq (Watch)

Imagine yourself as a modern soldier in Iraq, armed with the latest weapons, night vision, thermal optics, backed by jets, helicopters and main battle tanks, when you come up against an enemy operating the same weapons your grandfathers faced in the Second World War. This is a real life situation witnessed by soldiers who served […]

Soviet Anti-tank Guns – The Real Threat to German Panzers

Jesse Beckett

It is often assumed in combat tanks are the primary counter to tanks, however during World War II it was in fact humble anti-tank guns that did most of the work knocking out German armor on the Eastern Front. Anti-tank guns are pieces of equipment designed to destroy enemy tanks by direct fire. In general, […]

The Russian Tank Crew That Refused to Give Up Against the Germans in WWII

In 1943, the Germans had occupied the Nevelsky distric of the USSR located south of Pskov. The Red Army sent their Third and Fourth Shock Armies to clear the German occupiers from the region in the autumn of that year. The Russians were losing forces at a rate of nearly 2,000 per day but continued […]

The Tank Museum Awarded $1,000,000 as Part of the UK’s Government’s Culture Recovery Fund

The grant, issued by the Department of Culture Media and Sport through Arts Council England, will ensure the world-famous Dorset charity can weather the immediate storm of the pandemic whilst working towards a sustainable future. The Museum will spend the funds enhancing the visitor experience and developing new income streams, which will enhance financial resilience […]

Auction of Military Surplus Includes a Halftrack, M20, 6 Willys Jeeps in All Conditions

Ready to spend some money NECESSARY military surplus This auction of military surplus will include a 1953 M-62 5 ton 6×6 Wrecker Truck w/ 45K LB. Austin-Western Hoist, 1971 M-561 “Gama Goat” 1 1/2 ton 6×6 Semi-Amphibious off road vehicle, 1952 XM-211 “the Cadillac Deuce” 2 1/2 ton truck w/ auto trans.       […]

9 Qualities of the T-34 – Yes it Does Have Some

The T-34 tank was the Red Army’s workhorse of armoured warfare during the Second World War and even made up the bulk of Soviet armoured vehicles in the post war period too. The T-34 enjoys almost mythical status in Russia today, and is widely considered the best tank of the war by many historians. So […]

The Mind Blowing Statistics of the T-34

In total, its estimated 84,000 T-34 tanks have been built. These astonishing numbers are second only to the T-54/55 tanks, of which an estimated 85,000 – 100,000 were built, but these tanks were built from 1946 to 1981 in the Soviet Union. This is a production run 30 years longer than the T-34 had. The […]

What is The Bulge in Modern Tank Barrels – Here is the Answer

Tanks are designed to carry offensive firepower on a highly mobile platform while keeping the personnel within protected from the environment, the elements and most importantly, the enemy. To complete those tasks, a tank has many complex systems and components. The functions of which are not easily understood by simply looking at them. A frequently […]

Top 6 Most Produced Tanks

Usually tanks are ranked by how powerful their gun is, their mobility and the protection of their armour. This list however, is to rank the top six most produced tanks in history. Due to the sheer numbers involved with these tanks, even militaries struggle to keep exact totals of their them, so some numbers have […]

9 Reasons Why Some Think the T-34 was a Poor Tank

The T-34 is regarded as one of, if not the best vehicle of the Second World War, and one of the most influential tank designs of all time. But look a little closer, and the cracks begin to appear in it’s status, and the chinks, or quite literally gaps, in its armour can be seen. […]